Dream or Fantasy: A Distinction

Distinctions are important. They give us clarity.

Here’s an example I got from Ron Renaud (original source unknown):

A dream: an adult synergy of desire, imagination, and expectancy.  A dream has a subtext of maximizing who you are, and a supertext of becoming more than you are.

A fantasy: an adolescent adventure in imagination with out any real desire and no solidly determined expectation. The “guts” are missing. The potential manifestation is seen as a threat and a source of fear rather than something to celebrate as a source of joy.

That’s pretty instructive. Gives you clarity about where to focus your energy as you make life decisions.

  • Distinctions bring clarity.
  • Clarity leads to good decisions.
  • Decisions produce habits.
  • Habits yield character.
  • Character determines destiny.

If you are in a fog about your destiny, start by making good distinctions about your values. For help discovering your values and making good distinctions, see your coach.

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