Support and Excitement

“Ken is very authentic, insightful and intuitive as a coach. He engages in a way that is laser-focused and cuts right to the heart of the matter, while remaining completely supportive and empathetic. His excitement about what’s possible for me is infectious and inspires me to stop procrastinating and take action!”Tom Matlock, Entrepreneur

The Right Questions

“I felt as if you really listened to me and asked questions that I have never even thought to ask myself. I have now moved forward with a strong plan, a knowledge of what I want, and a clearer path of how to proceed.”Educator in Baltimore

Fierce Commitment

“Ken has shown not only a commitment to support me in my growth both personally and professionally, but has leveraged his seemingly limitless creativity to challenge me into considering different, more powerful perspectives. He shows fierce dedication to my individual agenda and goals and accepts nothing less than that from me as well. Without Ken’s coaching, I’m quite certain I wouldn’t have gained the confidence I needed to launch my new business.”Emily in Falls Church, VA

Watch Your Language

“Ken is a bad-ass coach.”Colleague in Ken’s coaching certification program

Practical and Mysterious

“Working with Ken over the last year through times of much uncertainty and personal and professional change has been a centering force in my life. At the beginning of our relationship I was very hesitant to give myself over to the process, as this high level of intentionality was foreign to me, but now I’m so glad that I have. With the tools he’s given me I’ve learned how to manage my expectations, communicate my needs, discern my values, and qualify my strengths and weaknesses for myself in a way that I believe ultimately shapes my interactions with the world. While his coaching and advice are very practical in nature, our work also has a mysterious quality. I’m so grateful for the re-orientation of my thoughts and practices as a result.”Meaghan in New York

Creativity Coaching

“I really enjoyed working with Ken, particularly in the creativity realm. He not only pushed me to ask more of myself than I would have normally, but he inspired me to follow through on those commitments and even go beyond. Ken is masterful with on-point questioning and exploring perspectives. He especially helped me to break down ideas into component parts in order to accomplish my goals. I also appreciate his support of risk-taking, which I understand now is an inherent part of creativity. I never had that kind of support from my family growing up or ever – wished I did – so to experience it in our work and to trust the process was really great for me. It is something I will take with me going forward.”
Creative in Virginia

Reaching Deep and Opening Up

“My sessions with Ken have been fun, challenging, and full of self-discovery. He is helping me to reach deep inside and open up creative places that my emotional past and my day-to-day work life have squelched for a long time.”B.A.G. in California


“Since working with Ken, I’ve been able to free much of the mental clutter that was inhibiting my creative potential and preventing me from moving forward in my business. Through thoughtful questioning and exercises, I’ve become ‘unstuck’ and feel at ease with my ability to start and run a business and begin writing again. For me, working with Ken has been like waiting at the edge of a cliff, afraid of taking the risk to jump into the unknown, but through new wisdom and confidence (that Ken helped me achieve) finding I can take that step and thus the risk and begin soaring. Very freeing.”J.P.A. in Maryland

Create an Arena

“I was hesitant to hire another coach because I don’t need just another coach. I need a space where I feel understood; where I can reveal, question, and re-position secret thoughts that unknowingly hold me back. Ken has an amazing ability to carefully create an arena that boldly agitates the mud in my head, yet is safe enough to risk letting the gook fall off. I feel more and more authentic with each session and, while I have some work to do, it’s a relief to know I am designing my life with clarity and genuineness.”Elizabeth