Not Just Another Coach

“I was hesitant to hire another coach because I don’t need just another coach. I need a space where I feel understood; where I can reveal, question, and reposition secret thoughts that unknowingly hold me back. Ken has an amazing ability to carefully create an arena that boldly agitates the mud in my head, yet is safe enough to risk letting the gook fall off. I feel more and more authentic with each session and, while I have some work to do, it’s a relief to know I am designing my life with clarity and genuineness.”


Growing Business

Mastering Creativity

  • Master of Music in Computer Music Composition from Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University
  • Bachelor of Music in Composition from California State University, Fullerton with minor in computer science
  • 10,000+ hours creating, including web design, graphic design, sound design, music composition, video production, photography, writing, editing, presentation design, workshops, and marketing consultation
  • Co-designed (with the amazing Jack Leonard) and co-built (with skilled craftsman Jerry Gavin) a treehouse
  • Piano player and worship leader since 1986
  • Actor
  • Puppeteer

Focused Beam of Light

“Ken is very authentic, insightful and intuitive as a coach. He engages in a way that is laser-focused and cuts right to the heart of the matter, while remaining completely supportive and empathetic. His excitement about what’s possible for me is infectious and inspires me to stop procrastinating and take action!”

Tom Matlock, Entrepreneur

Coaching Leaders