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Creativity Challenge: Collaborative Performance

Creativity is contagious. If you are creating something, then in that moment you are doing something that attracts others. Even if we can’t do what you are doing, we want to participate somehow. It’s inspiring to watch. Even more fun than watching is joining in, if only the creative would invite us in and give us a part to play. Some creatives know this and actually create a space for audience members to do just that. Nobody does this better than Bobby McFerrin. Here is a great example. Let’s watch what Bobby does and then we’ll talk about it. Preparation … Continue reading

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Creative Challenge: No Time

Some people say they really want to be creative, but they just can’t find the time to make something. Continue reading

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Creative Problem: Dry Well

If you want to create, but find that your creative well has run dry, then trying to make something up can be painful. Continue reading

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