Midlife Opportunity

So you’re in your 40s or 50s and you just had a big transition with your job. Maybe you sold your business. Maybe you got laid off. Whatever happened, all you know is that you’re trying to figure out what’s next in life.

Some people call it a midlife crisis. You could also think of it as a prime time for rediscovering identity and calling—a wonderful midlife opportunity.

What Crisis Feels Like

Fear and anxiety really suck the life out of you. Here’s what I hear clients say:

  • My skills aren’t up-to-date for today’s marketplace. How can I compete with younger people who are faster, smarter, and know technology better?
  • What should I do? Go back to school? Start a nonprofit? Move to Switzerland?
  • I can’t take risks like I did when I was younger. There’s not enough career time left to do something daring and wait for the rewards to pay out.
  • Now that I’m unemployed, I’m spending my savings. Will I have enough left for retirement?
  • Maybe I’ll just settle and get a job, even if it’s not aligned with my values and passion. It’s only for a few more years. But would this be wasting my life?

You might feel like you’re floundering in the sea of uncertainty. And all of these concerns are certainly understandable. But you’re better well-equipped than you know.

Tap into Your Potential

With decades of work under your belt, you have more to offer than you probably realize. Think about all that expertise and wisdom you’ve gained from years of real-life experience (mistakes included!). All of that can fuel your direction for the future, toward something truly meaningful. Sometimes it just takes another person to help you find your way.

Coaching: Professional Navigation

When people think about getting personal help, they usually think of counseling. Seeing a counselor or therapist can be helpful for working through issues in your past. But if you’re more focused on the future, then consider coaching. Coaching is fun and flexible. It doesn’t use a diagnosis model. It assumes that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, ready to move forward.

Benefits of Coaching

A coach will help you find direction and enjoy the journey. Here’s what coaching offers:

  • Perspective
    It can be hard to objectively evaluate your skills when you’re limited by your own viewpoint. Coaching provides new angles and powerful questions that challenge your assumptions. (Also ask me about assessments to help with this.)
  • Discovery

    Fresh perspectives lead to new discoveries. Coaching will help you better understand yourself. It will show you what you’re good at and give you insights to guide your path.
  • Support

    You’ll have a good listener who is only focused on you during the coaching session and who is a safe sounding-board for ideas. What you share is kept confidential.
  • Focus

    You’ve probably already spent a lot of time and energy considering an array of options for the future. Coaching will help focus you in a clear, strategic direction that takes you somewhere and makes sense for you.
  • Accountability
    During coaching you set goals that keep you moving forward. Coaching provides the encouragement and accountability for you to make progress, even when things are tough.

Identity, Then Direction

While you’re in a stage of intermission, don’t miss the opportunity to see who you are. Get to know how you’re wired. Then you can figure out what path to take next. Let’s explore together.

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