Your Job as a Calling

We spend more time at work than any other waking activity. It’s were most of us will make our biggest impact in the world. That’s why it’s so important to get it right—to not just find a job but to find the right job, maybe even your sweet spot.

But that can be difficult.

Calling Discernment Program

The Calling Discernment Program is a coaching program designed to help you find and follow your calling. It helps you answer three questions.

  1. Uniqueness: what’s unique about me?
  2. Mission: what should I do for work?
  3. Pathway: how do I get from here to there?

To get at these answers, we look at four things:

  • your abilities
  • your passions
  • your boundaries
  • your options


Assessments are essential tools for discovering your work-life calling, especially when they are objective. The program includes the following assessments:

  1. Highlands Ability Battery: a scientifically-based, objective assessment of your natural abilities
  2. Myers Briggs Step II: industry standard personality assessment that goes beyond the 16 basic types to show five facets for each of four preferences
  3. Voca 360: confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around you

As your coach, I help you interpret the results and integrate them into your work-life. Together we come up with a strategy for moving your career in the right direction.


As your coach, I don’t just care about your job, I care about you as a whole person. So along the way, the coaching may touch on any aspect of life: family, health, finances, relationships, and spiritual journey. Our goal is not just to land a good job, it’s to be living an integrated life—a life of integrity, where all the parts fit together into a complete whole.

Program Details

The entire program includes 3 assessments, 7 hours of coaching, and usually takes 2-3 months. The cost is $3200.

A student version includes 2 assessments, 5 hours of coaching, and usually takes 1–2 months. The cost is $1800.


In addition to the core program, you can mix in the following, priced separately.

  • Resumé & LinkedIn profile: help crafting the documents that represent you
  • Job search assistance: finding the best opportunities for your unique calling
  • Connections: introducing you to people you should know (available to select clients)
  • Job vetting: professional guidance on a potential opportunity to assess how well it fits your unique calling
  • Purpose audit: an in-depth, guided journey into your personal mission
  • Personal retreat: a guided spiritual experience that focusses on your calling (includes coaching check-ins, accommodations not included in pricing)

Package: you can get any 3 mix-ins (including 3 hours of coaching) for an additional $1800.

Turn the daily grind into a spiritual adventure.