Need a Coach?

Life is teeming with energy, possibility, and opportunity. Why not be a part of the action in a big way, fully show up and make an impact on the world?

If you are stuck, feeling unmotivated, or not really living up to your potential, coaching can really help. Or maybe you are anticipating a big change but you are just not sure exactly how to enter into it.

Coaching Offers

  • support
  • challenge
  • accountability
  • safe space for experimentation

Coaching Benefits

  • discover and maximize your strengths
  • find your unique leadership signature
  • tap into your passion and vision
  • sustain innovation
  • turn play into progress
  • honor your intuition
  • master the creative process
  • grow bigger faster

Co-Active Coaching

I’m trained in co-active coaching, which holds that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole—completely capable of finding your own answers to life’s challenges. Instead of offering instruction or advice, my job is to ask powerful questions, listen, and empower you to kick your creative skills into high gear. It’s better that way.

I see coaching as a partnership where we collaborate on your agenda to achieve your goals. This includes:

  • Discovering fresh perspectives
  • Learning new skills and habits
  • Taking on challenging risks
  • Being accountable for action
  • Celebrating your success

Coaching is a Journey

“The word coach comes from an old British word meaning ‘horse-drawn carriage.’ You an think of the coaching process as a journey, one in which you are caught up in the process as you move toward a specific, targeted destination. The coach’s goal is to help you find direction and enjoy the ride.”
—Jane Crewsell in Christ-Centered Coaching

Coaching with Ken Kinard

People say I’m different from other coaches because of my intense curiosity, my passion for excellence, my creativity, and a strange blend of action and contemplation. I’m still trying to figure out what that means.